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3D Treatment planning combines advanced technology with years of experience, allowing you to be completely worry-free in your planning as well as fabrication needs.

3D Treatment Plan not only helps you to set up your orthodontic models for clear aligner fabrication but also deliver you the ready-to-print file in STL format.

Our team of expert
orthodontic planners work on
designing the plan for your case.
Our invisible aligners offer
predictable results, visualization even
before the treatment.

Our Process

Get your orthodontic treatment planning done in 24 hours turn-around time using advanced technology under experts supervision.

Upload Your .STL file

Upper and lower scan, intraoral and extraoral pictures, OPG and Rx Form.

Planning Phase

Our Team of Expert Orthodontic Planners work on designing the plan for your case (within 12 -24 hrs.)

Printing Phase

Once the plan is approved from your side, We will send you printable STL's model and Clear Aligners as per your requirement.

Customer Care

Our customer care team is 24/7 available for 3D treatment planning

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Our Services

Offering the best treatment planning and fabrication services for all types of cases for a smooth and hassle-free orthodontic treatment.


If you have spaces/gaps between your teeth, you may not be confident in your smile. Orthodontic treatments like clear aligners help to treat this malocclusion and return your teeth to the correct position.

Over Bite

An overbite or overjet is when your upper teeth stick out too far. Orthodontic treatments such as clear aligners are effective in correcting protrusion.

Cross Bite

A crossbite is when your upper teeth sit on the inside of your lower teeth. Clear aligners are effective in correcting cross bite.

Open Bite

When the upper front teeth do not meet the lower front teeth, this is classified as an overbite. Most orthodontists consider clear aligners as effective treatment to treat open bites.


If your teeth don’t have enough space in the mouth, they become crowded. Clear aligners can help by expanding your teeth and considered effective treatment for crowding.

Under Bite

If your lower jaw extends beyond your upper jaw and forces your bottom teeth to sit right in front of your upper teeth, this is classified as an underbite. We recommend clear aligners to help improve the overall appearance and balance of your teeth.

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Our Qualified Doctors

We believe that creating and maintaining beautiful and healthy smiles should be effortless. Find out more about each of our practice team members below.

Dr. Muhammad Saeed


I am an ambitious workaholic, but apart from that, pretty simple person.

Dr. Muhammad Imran


Recreating the patients smile and make them laugh effortlessly.

Dr. Abdul Muneeb


The art of aligners Seeks to provide Comfortble orthodontic treatment with a strong emphasis on aesthetics and art of smile design

Dr. Maham Bilal


I am a dentist by profession, who is always up for inovative and challenging tasks that will enhance my professional skills.