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Outsourcing Treatment Planning

Outsourcing Treatment Planning In USA | Effective Outsource Planning

Outsourcing planning to expert vendors such as Orthodontics Align is your best option. We specialize in Outsourcing Treatment Planning In USA. It is unnecessary to purchase a software license and learn how to use it. Our certified dental technicians and each outsourcing treatment plan is quality-checked by our supervisor orthodontist. By hiring our solutions, our customer receives a detailed treatment plan that includes a 3D simulation and a full prescription for all necessary IPRs and attachments. We can change the outsourcing plan at the doctor's request. Following our outsourcing treatment plan approval, the dentist receives a link to the print files, allowing for in-office production of aligners.

The combination of our outsourced planning and in-house clear aligner manufacturing allows many dentists to provide dependable yet affordable aligner treatment to their patients.

All-In-One Dental Outsourcing Planning Services

We can scan your model and die, design and mill all restorations in-house, and provide the same dental care as overseas dental labs and independent dentists.

  • Only CE-marked and FDA-approved materials are used.
  • A warranty is provided
  • The product includes fixed and removable restorations, orthodontics, and dental accessories.

Remake Rate Is Low

The majority of our technicians have many years of experience in the dental field. Furthermore, if there is a question about your cases, our office staff will contact you within 12 hours, ensuring low remake rates.


Price Competition

In most cases, the cost can be as much as 50% less than that of developed-country dental labs while maintaining the same quality. However, we always prefer to offer our outsourcing treatment planning at competitive rates in the market.

Active Group

In our dental lab, we have over 100 certified technicians, the majority of whom have many years of experience in the dental field. Furthermore, we strive to use as little human labor as possible in all cases, resulting in low remake rates.

Excellent Materials

During outsourcing planning, we strive to offer trustworthy discussions with our clients. Our outsourcing planning includes delivering high-quality FDA-approved materials for all dental cases. The materials we use are from well-known manufacturers. We never compromise on the quality of our planning and services.

Customer Care

Our customer care team is 24/7 available for 3D treatment planning

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Our Services

Offering the best treatment planning and fabrication services for all types of cases for a smooth and hassle-free orthodontic treatment.


If you have spaces/gaps between your teeth, you may not be confident in your smile. Orthodontic treatments like clear aligners help to treat this malocclusion and return your teeth to the correct position.

Over Bite

An overbite or overjet is when your upper teeth stick out too far. Orthodontic treatments such as clear aligners are effective in correcting protrusion.

Cross Bite

A crossbite is when your upper teeth sit on the inside of your lower teeth. Clear aligners are effective in correcting cross bite.

Open Bite

When the upper front teeth do not meet the lower front teeth, this is classified as an overbite. Most orthodontists consider clear aligners as effective treatment to treat open bites.


If your teeth don’t have enough space in the mouth, they become crowded. Clear aligners can help by expanding your teeth and considered effective treatment for crowding.

Under Bite

If your lower jaw extends beyond your upper jaw and forces your bottom teeth to sit right in front of your upper teeth, this is classified as an underbite. We recommend clear aligners to help improve the overall appearance and balance of your teeth.

Quick Turnaround

Our employees work seven days a week, 24 hours a day (three shifts). As a result, even if you send us a large volume of cases, we can complete them quickly through our advanced outsourcing orthodontics planning. Typically, the turnaround time is seven days.

Complete Service

Our company has always offered fixed and removable restorations and orthodontics. We do not only provide Outsourcing Treatment Planning, but we also offer many other dental-related planning to better serve our customers, such as:
  • Spacing
  • Cross Bite
  • Under Bite
  • Open up Bite
  • Crowding
  • Over Bite
You can also hire us for Aligners Treatment Planning!

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